Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court

The Association of Friends of Prince Philip Duke of Einburgh Court

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court is the RMBI home in the same grounds as the Sindlesham Court Berkshire Masonic Centre. The first stone of the original home (Lord Harris Court) was laid in 1970 by the Rt Hon. Lord Harris. From 1972 it provided residential and nursing care for up to 90 residents.  The Association of Friends was formed when it opened, to provide support and care for the home and its residents. Since then the new home, which was opened in 2022, provides for up to 45 residents, including specialist Dementia care. Over the years the Association has financed several projects including a physiotherapy wing and ornamental garden pond in the old home, and purchased many forms of recreational equipment, together with vehicles including a minibus ambulance. Apart from collecting donations, the Association of Friends run 2 events a year, the Strawberry Fayre in the Summer, and the Christmas Bazaar. They also product a quarterly newsletter