Installation of new Master 2023

On Tuesday 18th March we installed our new Worshipful Master W. Bro. Andrew Welborn. The lodge was honoured on this occasion by the prescence of RW Bro Anthony Howlet bolton PGM, at least 4 Grand Officers and 4 Acting Provincial officers. W. Bro Peter Keeley as Instlling Master did an excellent job installing Andrew, who then went on to conduct the rest of the meeting in exemplary fashion.

The following fficers were appointed and invested:

SENIOR WARDEN                             W Bro Llewellyn Austen
JUNIOR WARDEN                                  Bro Maurice Buddin
CHAPLAIN                                        W.Bro Vincent Pearson (Continuing in office)
TREASURER       (Elected)                W Bro Stephen Adamek
SECRETARY                                      W Bro David Collis (continuing in office)
DIRECTOR OF CEREMONIES         W Bro Peter Wells
ALMONER                                        W Bro Peter Keeley, (Continuing in Office)
CHARITY STEWARD                        W.Bro Andrew Welborn (continuing in office)                
MENTOR                                           W Bro Peter Wells (Continuing in Office)
SENIOR DEACON                             W Bro John Rixson 
JUNIOR DEACON                             W Bro David Lawrenson 
ASSISTANT D.C.                               RW Bro Peter Baker
ASSISTANT SECRETARY                  W.Bro Vince Pearson (Acting)
INNER GUARD                                VW Bro Rev. Dr Simon Thorn

Our elected Tyler, W.Bro. Steve Talbot was not present so will be invested at another meeting.

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